6 Scala resources for Java programmers

6 Scala resources for Java programmers

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During my Basic Scala and Wicket talk at the London Wicket Event I showed some good Scala starting points for Java programmers. Here they are, clickable and all.

If you want to attend one of the Wicket User group meetings in London, just visit the jWeekend site and register there. It’s really cool to attend, there is a good atmosphere and nice and smart people everywhere…

Scala homepageScala Homepage

The Scala home on the web.

Contains reference manuals, tutorials,
news, specifications.

First Steps to ScalaFirst steps to Scala

When you don’t know anything about Scala, start here.

Covers the interpreter, variables, methods, loops, arrays, lists, tuples, sets, maps, classes, singletons, traits, mixins.

roundup_for_java_refugeesScala for Java refugees

Series of 6 great articles covering a lot of Scala.

Aimed at Java developers.

Scala WikiScala Wiki

An ever growing collection of resources on Scala.

FAQ, code samples, design patterns, Scala job openings

Scala for Java ProgrammersScala for Java programmers

Multiple articles covering a feature by feature comparison of Scala and Java.

Mailing ListsScala Mailing Lists

Official mailing lists

Subscribe: empty message to scala-subscribe@listes.epfl.ch

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