Scrum checklists, free download

Scrum checklists, free download

December 25, 2007 16:22 2 comments

Wouldn’t it be handy to have a checklist on your desk for quick reference? Well, I found a Scrum checklist bundle, hosted on InfoQ. You can buy the book for about 20 euro’s, or download it for free (after registering on InfoQ). Don’t want to register? I have a copy of the book for you, no registration required: download Scrum Checklists.

The following checklists are covered:

  • Checklist: Impediment Backlog (an innovation springing up in teams on both sides of the Atlantic)
  • Checklist: General Meeting (basic etiquette for teams moving out of adhoc or chaos processes)
  • Checklist: Estimation Meeting (creating the Product Backlog)
  • Checklist: Sprint Planning Part 1
  • Checklist: Sprint Planning Part 2
  • Checklist: Daily Meeting
  • Checklist: Sprint Review
  • Checklist: Sprint Retrospective
  • Scrum Roles
  • Scrum Artifacts

The authors indicate that the Scrum beginner should strictly follow the Checklists. This will give them confidence to accomplish their first Sprints. Those first success will increase the acceptance of Scrum in their organization.  Experienced Scrum Masters may want to use the Checklists as an adjunct to their own training material.